Terms & Conditions

      In these conditions “The Company” means Belgrave Glass and Glazing Limited and “The Purchaser” means the person, firm or company placing an order on the company.
    2. GENERAL:
      All orders are subject to the following terms and conditions which shall prevail over any conflicting terms and conditions of the Purchaser unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by the Company.
      Where templates are required, it shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that they are accurate and of good quality material.  No responsibility can be accepted for ill fitting products which result from template deflect.
      The Company reserves the right to decline to produce repeats in construction which, in the Company’s reasonable opinion, experience has shown to be unsound or which are regarded as obsolete.
      Cancellation of order will be accepted without charge provided no work has been done nor any special materials ordered which cannot be cancelled.  Any work carried out prior to cancellation will be charged on a quantum merit basis save that cancellation will not be accepted in respect of any order the manufacture of which has been substantially completed.
    6. PRICES:
      1. Unless a fixed charge has been submitted and accepted, prices charged will be those ruling at the day of collection/delivery of goods.
      2. Price lists are issued subject to review without prior notification.
      3. All products are sold subject to VAT  at the rate ruling at the date of collection/delivery
    7. PAYMENT:
      1. The Company will raise an invoice upon collection/delivery/availability of the goods which shall be paid upon completion unless alternative arrangements have been made at the time of order.
      2. The terms of payment are STRICTLY NETT 30 DAYS.
      3. If any invoice is not paid on the due date all other invoices rendered by the Company against the Purchaser shall thereupon be deemed due and immediately become payable in full.
      4. The Company reserve the right to charge interest on any overdue account at the rate of 2.5% per month on the outstanding balance as well after as before any judgement.
    8. TITLE:
      The goods shall remain the sole and absolute property of the Company until such time as the Customer shall have paid to the Company the full purchase price thereof.
      The Company by its employees or agents shall be entitled to enter upon or into and land, building or vehicles of the Purchaser to retake its possession of its goods.
    9. DELIVERY:
      1. Delivery shall for these conditions be whichever shall first occur of the following;
        1. actual delivery to the customer, its carriers, agents or contractors; or
        2. collection by the customer, its carriers, agents or contractors from the Company’s place of business.
      2. Although the Company will use its best endeavours to deliver according to the Contract,
      3. any date or period which may be agreed for the delivery is intended as an estimate only and the Company cannot therefore be held liable for direct or indirect loss due to failure to deliver on any specific date or dates or within any specific period.
      4. Unless otherwise agreed the goods shall be dispatched to the customer’s place of business.
      5. The Company shall be permitted to deliver the goods (or any part thereof) before the delivery date or the expiry of the delivery period whichever the case may be. 
      6. Where the contract provides for delivery by instalment each instalment shall be deemed to be subject to a separate contract and non-delivery or delay of delivery of any instalment shall not affect the balance of the contract or entitle the Customer to cancel the same.
      Due to the fragile nature of the Company’s products, no claim for loss, damage or short delivery can be accepted unless the driver/sales assistant is notified at the time of delivery or collection and, in the case of defects, the relevant goods returned on the delivery vehicle and/or the delivery note marked accordingly.
    11. RISKS:
      The risk passes to the Customer as soon as the goods are delivered as defined in Condition 9 (a) provided that in the event of the Goods being stored on behalf of and at the specific request of the Customer the risk in the goods passes to the Customer from the date storage commences.
      A purchaser’s own glass will be handled with care but entirely at the purchaser’s own risk.
      The Company reserves the right to undertake such modifications or improvements to any of its products as shall be deemed necessary from time to time without any prior notification and such modifications or improvements shall not entitle the Purchaser to reject any products as so improved or modified or any products previously supplied to the Purchaser prior to the modification or improvement being effected.