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Belgrave Glass is a family business with over 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of made-to-measure glass products for domestic and commercial customers throughout Leicestershire. We are based in Leicester, and offer a comprehensive range of bespoke products including Bathroom & Kitchen Splashbacks, Mirrors, Shower Screens and much more.

Bespoke Glass Products

Integrating bespoke glass systems into the structure of your home or business can truly transform your space. Depending on your exact requirements, we can design products that are contemporary or traditional, with a clear, opaque or sprayed finish, so that they complement the existing colour scheme and furnishings of your home, business or commercial premises perfectly. The nature of service we provide means that we can design the product to suit your space, rather than adjust your space to accommodate an off-the-shelf product.

Commercial and Domestic Glassware

Certain products, such as bathroom or kitchen splashbacks, throw light back into the room in which they are installed, increasing perceived spaciousness. Similarly, in a commercial environment, such as retail premises, glass shelves and display cabinets not only display merchandise to best effect, but also add a touch of luxury and sophistication. If you are in any doubt about what is, or isn’t, possible, we draw on our collective experience to produce free consultations that will put your mind at rest.

All the glass we use is tough, safe and hygienic. Regular class cleaner is all you need to remove dirt and grease and maintain a superb finish for the lifetime of our products. Contact us today for free advice and quotations.

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Belgrave Glass are a family-run business with over 25+ years experience. We offer free advice and consultations and work with homeowners and businesses in Leicester.

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